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A place where dragon riders come and battle or take place in a hunt. Maybe hang out at the castle or go on crazy adventures.
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 Please READ

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PostSubject: Please READ   Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:27 pm

These rules are subject to change at any time without warning and apply across the entire board, in posts, PMs, profiles, signatures, the shoutbox...etc. If you have any questions or comments please contact a board administrator.

If you the member see that any of these rules are being broken please contact Admin ASAP. This allows the staff to handle problem users easier and more effectively.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback for this board please contact a staff member or post in this forum.

General Board Guidelines
Read and Follow the Zetaboards ToS.
The following content is NOT allowed and will be removed on sight. You will also be warned accordingly.
Racial, ethnic, gender insults, discriminatory material.
Religious insults.
Any other illegal activities.
Profanity should be kept to a minimum.

Please do not ask to be promoted to a staff position. Presently we are not recruiting for any staff positions, but when we do we will make it public. When that happens anyone applying will have to go through an application/interview process.

General Posting Guidelines
If you are going to post several images in a row or a larger image please link to them instead of posting them.
If you are going to advertise another forum we ask that you use the forums provided.
All topics RP or OOC will be closed after two months of no activity. You may request to have a topic reopened by contacting a staff member.
We ask that you keep your posts ON TOPIC. In other words, if a topic is about one thing, then please don't post something that has nothing at all to do with that topic. (Applies in these forums: News & Announcements, Art, Affiliation & Advertising and Meetings & Partings.)

Roleplay Posting Guidelines
All RP posts must be at least 4-5 sentences in length (unless it is a fight or a healing post in which case read the rules for those below.)
If you must talk out of character in an RP you must use "OOC:" before what you say. Talking out of character in RP's should be kept to a minimum so that the RP doesn't get disrupted.
If you are just entering an RP or have been absent, you must read the last 10 posts in order to understand what is going on in the RP.
Erotic RP's are NOT allowed.
All characters must be of your own creation. What this means is, no ripping of characters from tv shows, video games, movies, manga or there powers or anything of the sort. You may get idea's from them but please do not rip them.
In RPs if the topic starter chooses to have a posting order they must put that information in the topic description. Here is what we would like you to use.
If you see that someone is posting, we ask that you wait for their post to be completed. This is to avoid people posting things that do not fit previous posts.
If you would like to have members post in a certain order we would like you to use this and put it in the topic title or descripition.
PO = Post Order
Alt = Alternate between order of starting post.
Pre = Predetermined (if a story line RP or what ever)
Example: (PO: Alt)
(You do not have to put this information in if you don't want a posting order.)

Signature & Avatar Guidelines

Your signature, including all images and text should fit inside this box which is 525x200 pixels. You also have a 750 character limit.
Text should be no more than two sizes larger than the default.
Avatar images should be no more than 25kb in file size.

Fighting Guidelines
You must include a target or goal, the speed of an attack if one is made, a time frame, the damage you think your attack will inflict if landed successfully as well as the various positions of limbs, equipment etc. you also may not forcibly land an attack.
The fighting part of a post must be 6 lines long. This does not include the rest of your post.
No god moding is allowed. Anything that can not be dodged, anything that removes the ability to act from the opponent, excessive skills (Ex: master of melee, range, spell casting, healing, shape shifting), any character with only a couple weaknesses, any character able to dodge or block any attack, no poisons, invisibility or similar abilities which give an enormous advantage to the character are a few that come to mind.
You must make 8 hits with full contact before you can complete the final blow.
Use your imagination and make it interesting.
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Please READ
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