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 My story

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PostSubject: My story   Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:27 pm

Hey guys, I'm starting to write a story. i have finished the Prologue andf the 1st chapter so far. It's not that great but here it is:


In the legends of the Telekin warriors, great cats were born from the gods and had the powers of speech through the mind. They travel around, searching for their master to train them for battle against the dark forces that had sprung up over the years. After awhile the Telekins Warriors started to retired, but got wiped out when they least expected. Fate has come in full circle again and has come to haunt me. Being strong mentally and physically is not me. Utterly, I am not prepared. So as I write these words, I feel as my mother thought wrong when she named me, I am not my great grandma who, what I have heard, was the greatest warrior alive.

I can’t be Shaylynn James.

Chapter 1

I laid in bed listening to my parents yell at each other down stairs. Tears slowly fell down my cheeks as I got up and went to my closet. I pushed the doors open and pulled out my backpack and put it on my bed. I went to my dresser and started grabbing clothes and then stuffed them into the bag. I got my toothbrush, a book, a flashlight, and a pack of matches before I zipped it up. I slung it over my back and made my way downstairs. Shutting the backdoor quietly, I turned and look around the yard. My hands were still on the doorknob, it seemed like they never wanted to let go. The wind picked up a bit and it started to cool down. It made me shudder as the chill closed in around my bare arms. I pulled my knitted sweater out and put it on. The wind still managed to get through the holes, but it wasn’t as bad.

For what seems hours later, I stopped. The cool night air froze my tears partly. It had gotten dark so I took out the flashlight and turned it on. Its dim light made big shadows pop out of nowhere. I was scared of the dark, and being by myself in a dark forest was horrific. I picked up my feet again; the only comfort was the sound of the snow crunching under my boots. I yawned and my feet began to drag, it was late and I had to sleep so I flopped down under a big pine tree. I put the flashlight back and look through the low branches that hung around me. Nothing moved so I wrapped my blanket tightly around me and fell asleep.

The morning air was fresh and cold, stinging the exposed skin on my face. I got up, rubbing my tired eyes. I breathed out sadly as I realized where I was. Shivering, I got out my pocketknife and went to go find a rabbit. I was very hungry, and my father taught me how to hunt, so I might as well use my ability. I spotted one just coming out of its hole. It hopped around like there was nothing wrong. I climbed a tree above it and went out on a thick branch. I tested it, to see if it would hold. It didn’t even bend so I climbed out further. As soon as the small, fluffy tailed mammal got under me, I jumped it. With quick movements, I stabbed through its side. Feeling it go limp, I smiled with satisfaction. I brought it back to the pine tree. Breaking some medium sized sticks off of a tree, I made a small fire. Tearing the rabbit in chunks I stuck it on a stick and started to roast. I got to admit, I’m not the best cook so I burnt it, but it wasn’t all that bad. I put out the fire then I continued on. It got warmer so I took off my sweater. I walked till around what I thought was 1 p.m. I sniffled, trying to hold tears back now. I knew this was hard, but it was better then to listen to my parents bicker all the time, and eventually divorce. I started to run and kept going till I fell to my knees. I sat there for a while crying my heart out. All of a sudden a heard a deep growl. I got to my feet and stared at the bushes. It was still and quiet again so carefully I took a step forward, boldness taking over. A large Cougar leapt through the bush and landed on me. Its lips were curled up into a snarl so I saw its long sharp teeth that were inches from my face. I felt its claws dig in my skin and I scream out in pain. Its back claws were scrapping my legs. Then it disappeared. Confused, and out of breath, I gulped in lungful breathes of air. I turned my head and saw another Cougar. It was hissing and baring its teeth daring the other to a fight. The one who attacked me pinned its ears back and snarled. Oh no, I thought, it’s going to attack and the other Cougar is too small to beat it. The smaller one took a big step forward and growled. The bigger one lashed its tail and then turned around and ran into the brambles. That’s when I blacked out.

I woke up in a daze. Sitting up, I looked at my torn legs. Oh great, I thought, now I’m going to die cause there is no one in miles from here. Then I heard a woman’s voice in my head and my eyes widened.
“I see you’re awake now. You’ve been out for awhile, but I’ve been watching over you, so that Cougar didn’t come back.” I looked around and saw no one there. So I called out timidly, “Who’s there? Where are you?” No one answered. “Hello? I know there is someone there.” The voice answered this time.
“Oh please, I am not someone, I am your protector, and you are my master.” I scrunched my eyebrows together.
“Ok, but who are you?” I stuttered warily. The voice replied with an edge of laughter to it at my confusion.
“Look up.” I looked up and saw the smaller Cougar looking down at me. “Surprise” the voice said. My jaw dropped to the ground in surprise. A cougar is talking to me? How can that be? “Ok, please no gapping, it’s utterly disturbing.” The cougar said as she leapt to the ground gracefully. “Anyways,” she said as I shut my mouth. “ My name is Lyssa. Don’t bother with your name. I already know it. It’s Shay right?” I nodded and then found my voice again.
“Yes… but, you’re talking to me, how is that even possible? What’s even weirder is that, you’re not actually talking by moving your mouth, but you’re using your mind! This is so shocking and yet at the same time I feel like I made a great discovery.” I was talking so fast that at this point I needed to take a large breath. Lyssa seemed amused and I felt frustration boil in my stomach. “What is so funny?” I finally burst out, “Do I look weird or something?” I glared at her green eyes. She blinked and said,
“ No, you don’t look weird, you’re just blabbering on about nonsense, and it’s quite amusing. You just talk away and stop only to take a breath then you notice things around you. But anyways, yes, I do talk with my mind, yes; you may have made a great discovery because you have found a very rare species of cat. I appear to be a cougar, but my breed is smaller, far more agile, and stronger. I am a Telekin Cat. You, after training with me, will be my master and also a Telekin warrior.” This is when I just froze and stared at her in utter shock. She stood there waiting for me to retrieve my voice. Her tail flicked side to side for a while till I looked away from her eyes and took a breath.
“How is this possible? Like I mean, I thought Telekin Warriors and Cats were myths, legends, stories made up so children would feel safe at night. I don’t understand.” I looked at Lyssa, taking in her gorgeous green eyes.
“Stories? I think not. We are real as real can be! Just an evil force so long ago wiped us out that it seems very possible that we became myths. But now, we are reborn and have a destiny to fill with our masters.” I soaked it all up and blinked.
“Yes, but in the stories, it says you guys choose your masters. So why, why pick me out of all the people? I just ran away and probably won’t go back cause I can’t face my fear of my parents breaking up. If I can’t face that, how will I face your enemies? You pick me out of all the stronger men, all the more courageous girls. Me?” Lyssa nodded and looked straight into my blue eyes.
“ I picked you because, you are the one with the strongest soul, the boldest heart. I know you can do this; you love your parents so much you don’t want them to split up, so you ran away so they would stay together and find you. But I want to tell you, that made it worst. They are now thinking it was the other person who made you go. So either way they will divorce, they were not meant for each other. Respect that. Get over your fear. If you can do that, I know you will be able to do what destiny has planned for you. Now, I can take you back if you want.” Tears were rolling down my face now. Lyssa eyes were very sympathetic. I wiped them away and nodded.
“I can face this, it will be hard, but I will get use to it. I don’t want to let you down Lyssa.” I moved to hug her. She shoved her head into my stomach and started to purr.
“Now for your first lesson, to stay on well riding me.” I laughed quietly and stepped back as she lay down. “Well then, get on.” I got on timidly and she stood up. I could feel her breathing, and her muscles bunch, ready to spring into action.
“Ok, I’m ready whenever you are Lyssa.” She flattened her ears back and went into a bow type crouch, her backside high in the air.
“Grab onto my scruff and get ready. Hold on tight cause here we go!” Then it happened, I felt like I was fly over the ground as she raced on. The trees blurred around us. My house soon appeared, and I knew I couldn’t do this.
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My story
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