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A place where dragon riders come and battle or take place in a hunt. Maybe hang out at the castle or go on crazy adventures.
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 Aubigne, Aquroya Liette

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PostSubject: Aubigne, Aquroya Liette   Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:16 pm

Name: Aquroya Liette Aubigne

Nickname: Mostly Aquroya, although some in the past have called her Roy or Liette

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Aquroya stands at a mere five feet, four inches and posseses an extremely lightweight build, and because of this she only keeps lightweight weapons on her because of her lack of upper body strength. However, she's quick, agile, and moves with an incredible amount of grace, giving her the ability to move efficiently and without being heard, which comes in handy in some forms of battle. Also, she has long, brunette hair which falls in naturally loose curls around her face, and warm brown eyes.

Brief History: Aquroya's parents raised her and her older brother, Rene, in the Hill Castle for some time. Although, her parents were rich and cared about not much other than their money, so she hand her older sibling were left to take care of themselves a good portion of the time. When she was about ten years of age, their fleeting appearances finally came to a halt, when they simply left. Her brother, who had trouble with controlling his anger for as long as Aquroya could remember, blamed her for it and set out to look for them. Currently, someone has managed to find the courtesy to let her continue residing in the palace, so she isn't quite alone, or so she believes.

Personality: Despite the number of times shes been abandoned in her life, Aquroya is the exact opposite of how everyone would expect her to be. Frankly, she's like a mosquito. She's exceedingly outgoing and energetic, taking it upon herself to flit around the people with her and lighten any dark auras to the best of her ability. Aquroya isn't very fond of places where sadness in imminent, and absolutely despises to be alone, even though she spend a good portion of her time by herself. Also, while she seems to become easily attached to people, that's not the case. It takes an extremely long time for her to begin to put her faith into you, which is probably the result of being abandoned: she fears that everyone will leave her again. Yet, she refers to almost anyone who lives in the palace as family, whether they like it or not.

Dragon: Deztinero Reielle

Palace: Hill Castle

Weapons: A series of small daggers, which she keeps on herself very often, secretly hidden in various clothing articles.

Picture: Unfortunately, after hours of looking, I found nothing that was perfect. Perhaps I'll put one up later. D=

(Oh, and I hope you don't mind me adding the personality section; it's just her persona is such a big part of her character, I wouldn't feel right leaving it out.)
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PostSubject: Re: Aubigne, Aquroya Liette   Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:51 am

Yes... that is fine and she is accepted
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Aubigne, Aquroya Liette
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